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            Smart home is the future, not fantasy ~
            Source: Hyman Technology Release time: 2019-11-13 Clicks:

            On October 30, Disney released a new publicity poster for "Avengers 4" that hit Oscars. It seems that "Reunion 4" is inevitable to participate in the Oscar election.

            In this final chapter, Iron Chivalry's choice to sacrifice without paying back has earned enough fans tears.

            You Lianjun was also tight-hearted, waiting for a free time to re-paint "Iron Man" again. However, it is true that after watching it, Jun Jun deviated from his focus. It wasn't the one who impressed me the most, which made many fans shout "We love you three thousand times", but the super housekeeper in the "Iron Man" movie-Jarvis.

            In daily life, Jarvis can help him to maintain the battle armor, handle various chores, and has super high efficiency that human steward cannot reach;

            In battle, Jarvis is Iron Man's left arm and right arm ... It possesses knowledge and abilities in multiple fields and easily holds multiple positions.

            Jarvis is too hardcore! Whenever you have a home, you can set up one at home! / (ㄒ o ㄒ) /

            Super handsome!

            Smart home robots like Jarvis are the product of decades of human fantasy. Such an intelligent machine, which controls the master's life law, can think independently, and can meet almost all the needs of the master. It can automatically control the use of electrical appliances in the home, can act as a fire extinguisher, prevent accidents, and can calculate various information and provide a work plan for the owner (so that you don't need to work), how convenient should our life be!

            but! The so-called no laziness is only lazier, and it is precisely that lazy people promote technological progress!

            Today, intimate smart housekeepers no longer exist only in human fantasy. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the concepts in many movies have slowly moved to reality. In recent years, smart homes with similar functions as Jarvis have gradually entered people's lives. Today, I have something to tell you about the development of smart home.

            You lazijun's lazy wish may come true!

            (1) Shocked! The first person to spread the concept of smart home turned out to be him!

            The concept of smart home was introduced around the 90's. In 1984, an American company developed the first smart home system . Since then, researchers from other countries have also begun to invest in the smart home industry. For the public, the initiator of the concept of "smart home" was Bill Gates.

            In 1995, Bill Gates made a conclusion in his book "The Way Forward": "In the near future, a house without a smart home system will be as unfashionable as a house without Internet access." But At that time, the Internet was in its infancy, and everyone was skeptical of this advanced theory.

            In addition, Bill Gates spent 600 million yuan and took 7 years to build a global smart home classic: "Future House" has also attracted great attention. All the home appliances and windows in this mansion are controlled by computer, and the house is full of sound, light, temperature, and humidity sensors. Even the century-old trees in the courtyard are equipped with sensors that automatically water them according to water demand. When the owner was on his way home, the bathtub in the home had been automatically adjusted with water and the indoor temperature was adjusted to a comfortable temperature.

            At that time, this house, known as the "smartest in the world", was like a plaything for the rich, which was far from the life of the general public. Many Chinese users do not recognize smart homes.

            (2) R & D and expansion period of smart home money burning

            Later, with the continuous development of Internet technology, people's living needs are constantly increasing, the smart home market is expanding, and many home furnishing companies have begun to attach importance to the development of smart home.

            Especially in the last 5 years, smart homes have become hot again. These four words are no longer empty and distant as before, and they are slowly coming out of the "concept" and "flying into the homes of ordinary people".

            According to the information collected by Jun Jun, there are only three steps for smart homes to capture human residence:

            The rise of smart appliances: upgrading of traditional appliances

            The emergence of the smart home is based on the idea of "can this machine be used to control that machine?" The advent of the Internet has given people an opportunity to realize this idea. By connecting the furniture to the Internet, traditional home appliances without "life" are upgraded to "smart home appliances", and people can perform single control on home appliances through mobile phones.

            For example, the very hot fingerprint lock at the time solved the problem of people always forgetting to bring their keys.

            There are also smart speakers that were very hot a few years ago. It is the product of speaker upgrades, which can order songs, play weather forecasts, and more.

            However, these functions are not very useful, and are not really smart homes. Home appliances are still slowly upgrading, and today's whole-house interaction can be considered a true smart home.

            Smart home appliances are linked: systems that make homes smart and controllable

            We only need to “command” the devices in the home through the host of the system or mobile phone APP or voice control, such as turning on the air conditioner, playing music, and adjusting the lights.

            After the electrical appliances in the home are linked, people can customize the scene, realize personalized customization, and bring a new life experience. For example, set "home mode" in advance. After a busy day, when I return to my home, I just need to say "I am back". The home mode can be enabled, the lights from the aisle to the living room will gradually light up, the curtains will be pulled up, the water of the water heater will start to heat up, the air conditioner will be adjusted to the appropriate temperature, and everything will happen naturally. This is simply a must-have for lazy people!

            Smarter, more intimate, and more convenient: Be the "know you best" family

            Wireless, networking, remote control, and scene linkage are the surface features of today's smart home products , but not all of them. Providing solutions to people in various nuances of daily life is what smart homes really do. Smarter, more intimate and more convenient.

            Now, while the smart home can automatically help you complete various operations, you can also think and understand the needs of the owner, just like the real smart housekeeper (the senior housekeeper may also be unemployed).

            For example, intelligently opened and closed windows can automatically detect changes in air and weather. When the air quality is poor or it rains, it will automatically close; when it senses the temperature and humidity outside the room, it will automatically open and ventilate. Does not require excessive involvement and control of the owner.

            You can also read the owner ’s instructions. As long as you wave your hand, the curtains will be closed automatically, so handsome!

            In recent years, smart home products have become more and more important to users' physical health. For example, some companies have launched smart beds to save everyone's sleep problems. The smart bed is equipped with sensors that can monitor heart rate variability information, an intelligent snoring intervention system, and regular health assessment reports, etc., to help the owner solve sleep problems from different perspectives.

            This is just the tip of the iceberg in smart homes.

            (3) Future development of smart home

            For a long time to come, smart homes will be the mainstream of the home industry. Consumer demand is constantly escalating, which also places higher requirements on smart homes. What should smart home development look like in the future?

            · Practice is king

            First of all, the most important thing is to be practical, and it is the kingship that meets the real use scenarios of customers. In recent years, there are more and more smart products on the market, ranging from chopsticks, drinking glasses, refrigerators, to living rooms, kitchens, and so on. Some products use intelligence as a selling point, but they are very tasteless. Some smart products have begun to deviate from the main line and move towards "mentalization."

            For example, this smart coaster can record the daily water consumption of the user and remind the user to drink water on time. This attracted a lot of netizens.

            There are also smart pillows on the market that can detect the sleep quality of users. But why buy a pillow to prove that you don't sleep well?

            There is also a sweeping robot that has been hot searched by the majority of netizens before. This is said to be the number one in liberating labor productivity. It can rely on certain artificial intelligence to automatically complete the floor cleaning work. But what is the reality?

            The existence of smart home is to help users improve their quality of life and happiness index. Future homes should also go in this direction, otherwise, smart homes will become homes with intellectual disabilities.

            However, we also need to have confidence in smart homes. Many cleaning robots are now very smart and convenient. The home is cleaner than having a gold Philippine maid, and the room is cleaned in one click, and the robot will automatically find a charging pile afterwards to recharge. After all, the technology that has not been perfected will continue to improve.

            5G puts "intelligence" in place

            This year, we can find that the future development direction of each industry will have the same keyword-5G. Smart home is developed on the basis of Internet technology. 5G will provide a faster Internet for the smart home industry. Fast speed means better communication between security devices such as cameras, and various sensors are online in real time, which can make the "smart" of the smart home really in place.

            One of the most obvious changes is the rapid development of artificial intelligence in the 5G era. Artificial intelligence can help smart homes finally achieve two-way communication between users and machines. Previously, when we next turned on the TV command, the TV would turn on after receiving the command. There is no communication between the two, and there will be no other actions after the TV is turned on, unless it is set before. However, after AI matures, users and machines can realize two-way communication.

            How exciting the smart home of the future depends entirely on our imagination. Technology can subvert our perception, and smart homes will subvert our lives.

            You Lianjun is looking forward to a new leap in smart home. Maybe five years later, or 20 years later, smart home will have a day when it will actually settle in every household.

            The Internet wave is rolling forward every day, and Internet data really swept everything and devoured everything.

            What seemed to be delusional in the past has now become reality. Can the current science fiction become the reality of the future?

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